“An informative read!”

The author gets right to the point. After a brief history of the tarot the meaning of each card is explained. She doesn’t bog down the reader with symbolism until she gets to the end of the book and gives an “exercise” of how to read a card. She gives the 2 most popular layouts with a brief explanation of each. As a starting reference, this book is a quick read and gives the beginner a good place to start


“One of the best tarot card introductions”

When those first learning about the tarot ask for my advise, I always recommend this book. It is well written and very thorough in its presentation of what the tarot is all about. I may have 20 or so books on tarot, and this one is at the top of my list.


“Nice Book”

Love it!


“Excellent book on tarot”

This book does not have a lot of reviews. But this little hidden gem is an excellent book on learning the tarot! I read it on kindle unlimited, but plan on purchasing this book as it is a keeper!

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